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Does your dog pull, jump, get distracted easily, and is kind of a pain in the butt?

Convergent K9 offers you professional dog training to solve these issues and more.  Our aim is to support you in having a well-balanced, good natured dog that is calm at all times. Your dog is unique and deserves a program designed for them. Our programs are tailor-made with results that last. Call to set up your free in home consultation now!


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Different types of training are good for different types of issues.

Give us a call so we can discuss your pain points and how to fix them. Your dog is not a cookie cutter dog and its training shouldn't be either. Set up your free consultation now. Our trainers here at Convergent K9 can't wait to meet you and your dog.

A few different types of training options  are listed below. Click the button to talk to one of our trainers now.




Day Training

Our Day Training Program is state of the art. Over the course of 6 weeks your dog comes to us one day a week, while you are at work. Each day they are with us they will be exposed to 8-12 training sessions with multiple trainers. In these sessions we will teach your dog things like: sit, down, come, leave it, and a bathroom command. We also teach more advanced things like place with duration, four on the floor (no jumping), loose leash walking, and off leash foundations. When you pick your dog up, one of our trainers will spend about 30 minutes with you each week. They will go over what your dog learned today and show you how to work on those behaviors through the week. It's not just your dog learning, Your Learning Too. You will also be provided with a study guide that has each day broken down and bullet points of what we covered, complete with training games for you to play with your furry friend. This program comes complete with a LIFE TIME GUARENTEE.

Private Lessons

In our private lessons package, we will teach you how to teach your dog. The package includes 6 private lessons with you and your dog. The lessons are about an hour each, teaching you how to teach your dog all of the basic commands. These lessons take place at our facility, your house, public stores, and parks. We try to give you and your dog the most experience possible in multiple settings, while learning fun, new commands. 

Dream Dog Program
(3 weeks)

This program is for the adventurer that wants to take their dog everywhere. While your dog boards with us for 3 weeks, we take them through on and off leash training. They are exposed to many different situations public and private. You receive update pictures and videos, a professional training collar ($200), training pouch, dog bed, clicker, travel bowel, and a leash. Your dog won't be the only one learning, we teach you how to communicate with your dog and include everything you need to continue training. Follow up lessons are also included, as needed, after they come home to you.

This program comes complete with a LIFE TIME GUARENTEE.

Ask about our multi-dog discount.

*prices subject to change at anytime
**refunds are not given after training has started.

***Due to availability, type of equipment provided may change.

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We’re here to help you navigate through the many challenges of having a pet. From impulse control to basic obedience commands, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t believe us? Check out what our previous clients are saying about us below.

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Ashlee Yoder

Convergent K9 was absolutely amazing and definitely met our expectations with training our dog, Jack. Before we took Jack to them, Jack absolutely hated going into his crate, he would jump all over you when you were trying to play with him inside and outside, he had a constant bark, he hated to be on his leash and the list goes on. When we picked Jack up after his two week stay with them, they taught my husband and I all the commands and all of the tricks. They told us what to do and what not to do. They were also extremely loving and caring with Jack. The whole time he was there, we got updates(messages about what they were doing, videos and pictures of Jack). My husband and I got home and we practiced with Jack with all the commands and he did so well with them. They also stated if we need any help or forgot any commands to get in touch with them. I highly suggest Convergent K9.


1606 Butler Plank Rd. Glenshaw PA 15116, USA

(740) 247-5431

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